You learn as you grow in wisdom that birthdays are for your mother not yourself.. A birthday you will forget some of them , w, but Mom will always remember your very first.. It was work and she went threw it.. Then for Ma it’s a life time a worrying..

will their birth be safe

” will he be okay in school ?”

“will his wife love him like she should ?”

While your in school all day Mom is thinking of you ..

I read a little something some place that reminded me of that right around my birthday, since i been free I have been trying to rebuild the relationship I tore down it’s something that had broke my heart since my brain cleared of the fog it was in.. and you know what she is alowing me to do that when i was sick she was there and gave me the advice and care I needed to get well.. I listened for once and was well ..

Then my birthday rolled around, I have been a loner latley and i dont mind at all i have done this to just stay away from any one that I can get myself get tangled up with in the wrong kind of way. So I wanted to be round Mommy and Aunt and I had a great day.. Best day I had since I was a kid.. We really had fun eating at Denny’s and looking at youtube and giggling it up !!!

Off to Wal-Mart to get some i pad ssecories.. We really bonded this week and I thank the lord Jah for that .. I want not to feel the guilt that I felt for years..

People dont forget when you do wrong Mom’s heart breaks….