urban sprawl brawl call it what ya want but it aint fing dull

I love to take pictures. I think that is a good thing since x cons should do constructive things. So i have gotten into it big time for what I have.. I like the whole urban photography and exploring thing 

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I enjoy it because not only is it adventures but historic as well .. 

you think back and buildings / business’s such as this one ( secret location eastern seaboard )

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It can be a dangerous thing .. You could be arrested or hurt. But there are ways around that.. Don’t trespas and be don’t be a fool, doing foolish things.. I do not under any circumstances, try the police.. they suck, but the bitch’s will win.. It’s hard sometimes but you learn where and when to have a history lesson, and when to just do some URBAN SHOTS AND NOT A GUN.. I love cop hunting with a camera..

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn't real crime going on some place !

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn’t real crime going on some place !

I grew up near a steel mill so I love those kinda buildings and I know how they build communities and are part of a city’s hostory.. And I love taking pictures / with a little adventure added in there never hurts ya dig ..!

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

me adventuring

me adventuring

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am sick..

I hate being freaking sick.. I do not even know where the shit comes from but it always come’s outta no freaking where .. I hate it.. one min i am fine the next I am starting to feel it. I think it may have something to do with the brightness of my screen matched with stress..  I have been sick since Saturday ! Here it is Monday!!  W.t.f is going on here!!!

Thing is when I take my Methadone.. Iyt don’t even knock this sickness out, so it can not be coming from that.. I take lots a vitamins too. and it’s just throwing up and then week but thats from the stress my body is under from dry heaving so violent..

thanks for caring !!

good job Tavon !!

I wonder why they make a big deal over this Maryland penitentiary shit, when that jazz goes down everywhere.. X-cons holler at me.. I have done more then half a decade in the pen.. ( i don’t think it’s neat-o, it’s just the real.. ) There are Tavon White’s in every prison in the United States.. Some more wide open then others.. As humans we are going to want things we can not have.. That is where the Tavon White’s come-in . isn’t no big thing. It’s called CAPITALISM.. WHEN WE ARE FREE IT’S ENCOURAGED, UNLESS YOU ARE NOT PAYING TAXES ON THE SHIT..

Now the BGF is like any other major gang in the world.. they want money and power.. Guess what..! ? they gonna crack down on the shit going down in the MDC but when the guards start to lose their edge, or drop their vigilance, then a new Tavon will step in..

My shout outs go to Tavon.. Who don’t want all that power.. and he would do it again in the feds.. he wont stop .. I am so not trying to sound like a bad ass x con.. because I am not.. I made it by the grace of JAH .. I am just bringing a point that needs to be made out to the masses


well i am sick.. yup fake weed sick / tomorrow i have no methadone but i should be okay i have my fake weed.. you see i can handle 24 hours with no methadone as long as i have my fake n bake.. To top that shit off even though right now i feel fine i have to let the fucking dog out of my uncle’s which means i have to pedal 2 miles there and 2 back.. on only a half a dose.. thing is I have to do it tomorrow with no methadone in me.. IT AINT HAPPENING.. SORRY DOG..