KODAK Digital Still Camera

Well my damn bike got stolen. I am no thief so i guess it’s Karma for something else, or maybe it’s karma in the bank.. All I know is I finally got my new camera so I can take my Urban shots and my bike get stolen so now I’m walking looking for something to take pics of. This really pisses me off cause i wanted to start urban exploring, and I need my bike for that shit..

It’s okay though that is their fucked up karma to deal with not mine. way I see it I have some good Karma coming to me .. I was excited to because I wanted to do urban exploring, you know find an old building explore it and photo it as well but no …

Now I am back to square one of walking around taking pictures of the same fucking shit.. GOD I AM PISSED OVER THESE FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT THIEVES 

And it’s not like the faggot cops do anything over it. they will take the report ride around see a person on a bike harass them and be done with it .. they will fuck with the first person that looks shady on a bike even if the bike looks nothing like mine.. Then be done with the old oo well can’t find it .. Screw the cops they are as lame as the criminals are