good job Tavon !!

I wonder why they make a big deal over this Maryland penitentiary shit, when that jazz goes down everywhere.. X-cons holler at me.. I have done more then half a decade in the pen.. ( i don’t think it’s neat-o, it’s just the real.. ) There are Tavon White’s in every prison in the United States.. Some more wide open then others.. As humans we are going to want things we can not have.. That is where the Tavon White’s come-in . isn’t no big thing. It’s called CAPITALISM.. WHEN WE ARE FREE IT’S ENCOURAGED, UNLESS YOU ARE NOT PAYING TAXES ON THE SHIT..

Now the BGF is like any other major gang in the world.. they want money and power.. Guess what..! ? they gonna crack down on the shit going down in the MDC but when the guards start to lose their edge, or drop their vigilance, then a new Tavon will step in..

My shout outs go to Tavon.. Who don’t want all that power.. and he would do it again in the feds.. he wont stop .. I am so not trying to sound like a bad ass x con.. because I am not.. I made it by the grace of JAH .. I am just bringing a point that needs to be made out to the masses


well i am sick.. yup fake weed sick / tomorrow i have no methadone but i should be okay i have my fake weed.. you see i can handle 24 hours with no methadone as long as i have my fake n bake.. To top that shit off even though right now i feel fine i have to let the fucking dog out of my uncle’s which means i have to pedal 2 miles there and 2 back.. on only a half a dose.. thing is I have to do it tomorrow with no methadone in me.. IT AINT HAPPENING.. SORRY DOG.. 

police make me sick

I no longer break the law except i smoke that fake weed.. yes the weed is legal smoking it how ever is not.. says it on some of the bags..

But not my grip.. this is my grip..

I love riding my bike for fun, exercise, and of course getting to point a through z.. well i would love to go for a ride through Baltimore via eastern ave and back.. Not that far and not that bad.. But i am scared to death to do it.. not because I may get robbed , nope it’s because of law enforcement.. They are no longer a hero to youth but a monster to all.. Police instill fear these days..  No one wants to see a cop in their rear view.. and  they do not have to worry bout speeding so long as they have their little sticker.. I hate police, not all only beat cops..

look I am a good guy who HAD issues that i no longer do.. Cops mess with me all the time and they do not even know me till they stop me.. they are no good type of .. anyway negative talk is bad

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130615-093622 130615-093640me relaxing yesterday

I am better off in Baltimore, i really do think that.. No programs on the island i am from to help with my pain pill addiction, and the major employer in that BIBLE BELTED STATE ? PRISON GUARDS….

I feel all alone here in Baltimore everybody i mess with is from the methadone program, which means I do not hang out with them except for seeing them at the clinic..  The people I would hang with besides at McDonald’s or the clinic, there is  not anything for us to do.. All things cost too much money or of course there is partying, but like i said I am over that and the peeps I would hang with do not want nothing to do with drugs outside our methadone.. so what is a brother like me to do!!!!!

I hate trouble and bars are boring.. My sex drive is fucked up and I don’t know why.. I think it may have to do with my fake weed, or the methadone.. 

So I stay HIGH AS A kite on fake n bake and deal with life.. I am hoping to meet someone that is on the same level as your prophet here .. I am sure things will work out for the better…


it’s all about the well its about life and death

I have been writting a book about my life as an x drug dealer who is living in the Ghetto of  Baltimore named DUNDALK .. It’s all written in journal form It’s a peek into the life a good hearted x con

Writing is a nice way to get things out / a way to get my brain moving / thinking / just being creative, and in my thoughts/ ways / i feel that its good to do things like that.. exercise my brain…
It also gives me a hell of a good reason to take pictures.. makes this book / and blog that much more interesting.. ya dig.

in most entries / my walks are involved since that is where i do most of my reasoning .. a friend a mine on facebook made a point i had forgotten about.. ( cause of the lack of ) i need adult reasoning / i need to discuss and listen to thoughts of this world / reasoning / its all about deep thinking ..

this is me in my city !!

this is me in my city !!

it is wtf it is

‎Saturday, ‎May ‎18, ‎2013

I am not big on graffiti but it is part of the city I live in, so I take pictures of it.. did I mention it doesn’t impress me much.. It is fun as fuck to edit though ….

listening to snoop doggy dog and I’m into that shit cause its the smooth snoop we all love.. any-whoo I think I am going to get a bike so I can get around a little better.. started my blog once again.. life in … no hanging with mike this weekend.. wish they acted different, guess they say that about me ..


Thing is a admit my problems, put effort to solve them and do not hurt others while doing either / messing up / doing good .. I had a little pain problem , couldn’t handle pain management come to find out i cant manage a months worth a pills.. so I went the out patient route / them dose me / yeah the methadone clinic.. / i get 6 days worth then i return .. but i am bad for that.. but it’s okay for them to do cocaine / you know what I am gonna stop there… 

more fun to come my little peeps !