Growing up middle class, public school taught, with blue collared parenting I guess taught me to just take the picking on , jokes or cut downs as we called them with a grain a salt. But these kids have no heart I take it, but still they need protection. I suppose that is why Maryland and Facebook are taking action. I take it ol’ Facebook feels kind of guilty since millions of cyber bullies take aim at the poindexters of the net on Facebook..

Even Maryland’s attorney general Doug Gansler is on board with Facebook’s new so called Educator Escalation channel A go-between or middle person will do the communicating with Facebook, though a resolution to the situation is always preferred but in this day in age safety MUST BE A PRIORITY. If the issue is not resolved in 24 hours of being reported through the standard measures then staff members will report the incident to the schools point person who will than push the report through the Educator escalation Channel… Which was unveiled only 2 days after Maryland passed legislation which carries stiffer penalties for cyber bullies… I sure hope this saves lifes, because I’m sick of the news talking bout public teenage assassins 

it’s all about the well its about life and death

I have been writting a book about my life as an x drug dealer who is living in the Ghetto of  Baltimore named DUNDALK .. It’s all written in journal form It’s a peek into the life a good hearted x con

Writing is a nice way to get things out / a way to get my brain moving / thinking / just being creative, and in my thoughts/ ways / i feel that its good to do things like that.. exercise my brain…
It also gives me a hell of a good reason to take pictures.. makes this book / and blog that much more interesting.. ya dig.

in most entries / my walks are involved since that is where i do most of my reasoning .. a friend a mine on facebook made a point i had forgotten about.. ( cause of the lack of ) i need adult reasoning / i need to discuss and listen to thoughts of this world / reasoning / its all about deep thinking ..

this is me in my city !!

this is me in my city !!