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Mr.Saigan says, all kinds of things in such a humble way.. A way that inspires at least me anyway.. I really like science even though I am a fake weed smoking trying to be a former drug addict.. Woo I must say have been doing good.. no trouble in a number of years, and I really for at least my families sake would like t keep it like that..

I have been real interested in urban exploration and the reason being id.. I like taking pictures of the guestto or just the city.. Especially BALTIMORE AND DC.. but them gosh damn abandon building are where the action is, not cause the picture of the inside are cool. ( well I make em that way ) plus the view of the hoods is different photo’ing from that place


I also really love the adventure of taking pictures where none have been taking in years.. Plus me being a history buff O jusy love what I am doi