urban sprawl brawl call it what ya want but it aint fing dull

I love to take pictures. I think that is a good thing since x cons should do constructive things. So i have gotten into it big time for what I have.. I like the whole urban photography and exploring thing 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I enjoy it because not only is it adventures but historic as well .. 

you think back and buildings / business’s such as this one ( secret location eastern seaboard )

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It can be a dangerous thing .. You could be arrested or hurt. But there are ways around that.. Don’t trespas and be don’t be a fool, doing foolish things.. I do not under any circumstances, try the police.. they suck, but the bitch’s will win.. It’s hard sometimes but you learn where and when to have a history lesson, and when to just do some URBAN SHOTS AND NOT A GUN.. I love cop hunting with a camera..

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn't real crime going on some place !

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn’t real crime going on some place !

I grew up near a steel mill so I love those kinda buildings and I know how they build communities and are part of a city’s hostory.. And I love taking pictures / with a little adventure added in there never hurts ya dig ..!

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

me adventuring

me adventuring

KODAK Digital Still Camera


well i am sick.. yup fake weed sick / tomorrow i have no methadone but i should be okay i have my fake weed.. you see i can handle 24 hours with no methadone as long as i have my fake n bake.. To top that shit off even though right now i feel fine i have to let the fucking dog out of my uncle’s which means i have to pedal 2 miles there and 2 back.. on only a half a dose.. thing is I have to do it tomorrow with no methadone in me.. IT AINT HAPPENING.. SORRY DOG.. 


SAM_3503Baltimore is a great place and interesting place, and my friend it’s dangerous..

Since I do not use illegal drugs and since my release from prison, I have noticed that the city of Baltimore is a very dangerous place. I was in prison in North Carolina, which is as you know a southern state with not a real big city like Baltimore.. but that is where we are wrong.. Those ppl in NC are killers, Wilson, Greenville, Charlotte.. not big cites but they are poor as fuck.. Now being poor is what makes things like gangs, drug dealers, and dick suckers.. being poor brings the culture of the gang member \ drug dealer\ ho that we all hear about through music.. well guess what it’s real and it’s real in places like NC..

Point being …!!!??

it’s not just the big city where this ” war on drugs is killing and making life worse .. its the country town that is now being  thorn apart.. another one of my points, is if they are killing in country towns what the fuck you think they are doing in the hood …

 Baltimore is full of History and violence.. BUT DO U KNOW WHAT IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF VIOLENCE IS ?…




well i just got me a new computer again.. the old laptop went up and though I  had my net-book it doesn’t have the power to game, i like some games.. 

I really like this one a lot , has everything I need, and my favorite thing about these Acer one’s is that i can manage the volume and brightness amongst other things right from the key-board.. I know i can do that with others but the way Acer does it well i like it the best.. 

Told y’all that I was going to start using different styles of writing in my book I’m writing to reflect my moods.. I am gonna do that  in my blogs as well..


Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore.. love it here love it here ..  I really do ,love this place.. very exciting to see and hear of the shit going on.. like the old alcohol plant catching fire and the person who called it in was injured bad.. bet he started the damn thing.. it is owned by a politician a crocked one so I hear .. 

well when i get in a mood poetry that tells a story will be to follow.. stay tuned cause i tell ya some good things to read about an x con trying to make it in the hood , without selling drugs or breaking the law.. I have done it so far for 2.5 years will i make it the rest a my life ?




130615-093622 130615-093640me relaxing yesterday

I am better off in Baltimore, i really do think that.. No programs on the island i am from to help with my pain pill addiction, and the major employer in that BIBLE BELTED STATE ? PRISON GUARDS….

I feel all alone here in Baltimore everybody i mess with is from the methadone program, which means I do not hang out with them except for seeing them at the clinic..  The people I would hang with besides at McDonald’s or the clinic, there is  not anything for us to do.. All things cost too much money or of course there is partying, but like i said I am over that and the peeps I would hang with do not want nothing to do with drugs outside our methadone.. so what is a brother like me to do!!!!!

I hate trouble and bars are boring.. My sex drive is fucked up and I don’t know why.. I think it may have to do with my fake weed, or the methadone.. 

So I stay HIGH AS A kite on fake n bake and deal with life.. I am hoping to meet someone that is on the same level as your prophet here .. I am sure things will work out for the better…


bitches -n- buses


I had been avoiding the bus when going to the methadone place which you will hear me refer to as the wizards castle, and my methadone will be ultra wizard juice.but anyway i was avoiding the bus cause i had a friend who is no longer one because she THINKS i talked junl bout her which i did no such thing but i dont like drama so i been avoiding the fat bitch.. she was a good friend that i let in my little world who now has made me hate her. So i decided I am just gonna go earlier.

I hate the fact that i didn’t do wtf she thinks i did . I hate events such as this i find it very annoying ..

Now i go later which is better , the methadone last till the next untill the next day, no morning withdraws ..