Between my blog and this book which I put some blog entries or I should say editorials in here, y’all don’t really know what I love to do here in this fun-loving city of BODY-MORE.. 

I AM AN EXPLORER / PHOTO JOURNALIST.. I bring the causes of the dark side of urban environments to the fools that think they deserve to know or they’re just that nosey .. but who cares I want everybody to know what is going on and bring to the reader how their peeps got like this. And why thing’s are shitty like they are.. 

my favorite deal, is helping people, though, I need it my-damn self..! if my book and blogs bring a change to the screwed up way a life for one person here in  b more than that’s great..  



I’ll try not to do so but I will be complaining about things going on in this world but that’s what this is all about bringing the poor way a  life to you the lawyer and money hoarders of this country because the world needs to know the history not the phony shit but the true history the true story of BALTIMORE.. 



KODAK Digital Still Camera


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