My jazzy journal I had or something..

I like taking pictures of flowers so the F what ?

I like taking pictures of flowers so the F what ?

So going through my notebooks with what else my notes in them, I discovered the day-to-day journal type notes I took while living in Westminster with my girlfriend I had at the time.. Real nightmare that was at times. So anyway I think I’ll share a few of them.. Starting with

May 6, 2012

Its funny I have lil rules to about writing in this journal. I try not and read what I had written the day prior, that way no emotions that are not from this day get all mixed in.

I wont add things to an entry i had already finished up, you see this is what I call a naked journal or a raw dog journal.Raw freaking emotions I poured my soul the hell into yesterday are not so RAW DOG if I add a little adjective the next day .. YA DIG..! Also I ended at that spot the day b4 so I must a done that for a reason. so  i leave it.. Copy it into the hard drive WORD FOR FREAKING WORD ( what are ya calling me a liar ?) 

I really dislike when someone knows or figures out my plans tactics or motives behind the things I do, though mostly I try to do the honorable , good or helpful thing. That is just how the hell I am, I don’t bank to much on others, I learned that don’t freaking work.. I make alright choices I do no drugs other than the fake weed ..

I don’t need to hid anything any-more which is good, but I tell you prison wasn’t all that terrible but I do not i repeat DO FREAKING NOT want to go back. It hurt my family..!!  At SAYING THAT MY BIGGEST FEAR IS THE POLICE SETTING ME UP OR WELL THEM IN GENERAL, THEY CAN DO AND SAY ANYTHING.. i FEAR THEM AND I CAN NOT HELP BUT HATE THEM.. CAUSE THAT IS WHAT FEAR CAUSES…. 

I have very legitimate reasons to fear them, where I lived I was personally disliked by a few of the police guys . Cops dont like being outsmarted for 10 years I guess

..! say what !!!!


So I am scared at what they have told the baltimore pig squad to do to me … pigs of a feather oink together ya know !!