letter to mommy

Emojihello Mother, just wanted to drop you a line to say i love you and miss you…
It’s really neat that when looking back at my child hood, i never was embarrassed of you at the bus stop or coming to field trips!! or anything of that type a stuff other kids dread.. now prom i did dread the picture taking and everyone at the house, but that was just nerves and when u get older you realize the prom isn’t just for the student but it’s for everyone involved.. ( parents through the teachers ) but really its a big day for the moms of the world.. Their little ones aren’t so little anymore and really it’s the last big fling for school before well school ends and not just for the year but forever..
What is the message I am trying to relay to you is simple.. 
Thanks for making it all so special….. !!

 me as a kid