130615-093622 130615-093640me relaxing yesterday

I am better off in Baltimore, i really do think that.. No programs on the island i am from to help with my pain pill addiction, and the major employer in that BIBLE BELTED STATE ? PRISON GUARDS….

I feel all alone here in Baltimore everybody i mess with is from the methadone program, which means I do not hang out with them except for seeing them at the clinic..  The people I would hang with besides at McDonald’s or the clinic, there is  not anything for us to do.. All things cost too much money or of course there is partying, but like i said I am over that and the peeps I would hang with do not want nothing to do with drugs outside our methadone.. so what is a brother like me to do!!!!!

I hate trouble and bars are boring.. My sex drive is fucked up and I don’t know why.. I think it may have to do with my fake weed, or the methadone.. 

So I stay HIGH AS A kite on fake n bake and deal with life.. I am hoping to meet someone that is on the same level as your prophet here .. I am sure things will work out for the better…