it is wtf it is

‎Saturday, ‎May ‎18, ‎2013

I am not big on graffiti but it is part of the city I live in, so I take pictures of it.. did I mention it doesn’t impress me much.. It is fun as fuck to edit though ….

listening to snoop doggy dog and I’m into that shit cause its the smooth snoop we all love.. any-whoo I think I am going to get a bike so I can get around a little better.. started my blog once again.. life in … no hanging with mike this weekend.. wish they acted different, guess they say that about me ..


Thing is a admit my problems, put effort to solve them and do not hurt others while doing either / messing up / doing good .. I had a little pain problem , couldn’t handle pain management come to find out i cant manage a months worth a pills.. so I went the out patient route / them dose me / yeah the methadone clinic.. / i get 6 days worth then i return .. but i am bad for that.. but it’s okay for them to do cocaine / you know what I am gonna stop there… 

more fun to come my little peeps !

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  1. this is just the very begining of you learning about the hood of baltimore

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