This is in response of something I saw written about the Baltimore Police.. I’ll keep it out but here is my response

Approachable are you joking. People these days generally fear police more than your common “thug”.. Do u know why violence has gone up this year,? The way BPD handled the Tavon White case. ( this is my opinion) You think a gang is gonna let snitches who told on Tavon get away, then the power vacuum comes into play.
The BPD just stirred a hornets nest by producing sound bites to make them look like they are doing something. If they would have kept it under wraps rather then “play hero” maybe some of the dead would be alive today.. The BPD are far from hero’s. they harass ppl and try to go for easy busts.. I am always bothered by these fools and never arrested but they could always plant something on me..
WHY you ask.?
Well because when they stop me for nothing but walking in a “bad neighborhood” I am far from nice to them, so in frustration they could lie and plant something on me or anyone.. BPD is the biggest most feared gang in the state .. TAKE A POll OF WHO BALTIMORE FEARS MOST.. You see a criminal will maybe steal from you then

it’s over but a cop can and will ruin your life over something petty.. I don’t know the answer but it’s not more arrests it possibly could be just make police learn to respect the ppl they DEMAND IT FROM I say Baltimore Police GO TO HELL YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT INCREASE THE VIOLENCE IN BALTIMORE !!

nuff said .. i'm not down with no Babylon

nuff said .. i’m not down with no Babylon

My jazzy journal I had or something..

I like taking pictures of flowers so the F what ?

I like taking pictures of flowers so the F what ?

So going through my notebooks with what else my notes in them, I discovered the day-to-day journal type notes I took while living in Westminster with my girlfriend I had at the time.. Real nightmare that was at times. So anyway I think I’ll share a few of them.. Starting with

May 6, 2012

Its funny I have lil rules to about writing in this journal. I try not and read what I had written the day prior, that way no emotions that are not from this day get all mixed in.

I wont add things to an entry i had already finished up, you see this is what I call a naked journal or a raw dog journal.Raw freaking emotions I poured my soul the hell into yesterday are not so RAW DOG if I add a little adjective the next day .. YA DIG..! Also I ended at that spot the day b4 so I must a done that for a reason. so  i leave it.. Copy it into the hard drive WORD FOR FREAKING WORD ( what are ya calling me a liar ?) 

I really dislike when someone knows or figures out my plans tactics or motives behind the things I do, though mostly I try to do the honorable , good or helpful thing. That is just how the hell I am, I don’t bank to much on others, I learned that don’t freaking work.. I make alright choices I do no drugs other than the fake weed ..

I don’t need to hid anything any-more which is good, but I tell you prison wasn’t all that terrible but I do not i repeat DO FREAKING NOT want to go back. It hurt my family..!!  At SAYING THAT MY BIGGEST FEAR IS THE POLICE SETTING ME UP OR WELL THEM IN GENERAL, THEY CAN DO AND SAY ANYTHING.. i FEAR THEM AND I CAN NOT HELP BUT HATE THEM.. CAUSE THAT IS WHAT FEAR CAUSES…. 

I have very legitimate reasons to fear them, where I lived I was personally disliked by a few of the police guys . Cops dont like being outsmarted for 10 years I guess

..! say what !!!!


So I am scared at what they have told the baltimore pig squad to do to me … pigs of a feather oink together ya know !!


Growing up middle class, public school taught, with blue collared parenting I guess taught me to just take the picking on , jokes or cut downs as we called them with a grain a salt. But these kids have no heart I take it, but still they need protection. I suppose that is why Maryland and Facebook are taking action. I take it ol’ Facebook feels kind of guilty since millions of cyber bullies take aim at the poindexters of the net on Facebook..

Even Maryland’s attorney general Doug Gansler is on board with Facebook’s new so called Educator Escalation channel A go-between or middle person will do the communicating with Facebook, though a resolution to the situation is always preferred but in this day in age safety MUST BE A PRIORITY. If the issue is not resolved in 24 hours of being reported through the standard measures then staff members will report the incident to the schools point person who will than push the report through the Educator escalation Channel… Which was unveiled only 2 days after Maryland passed legislation which carries stiffer penalties for cyber bullies… I sure hope this saves lifes, because I’m sick of the news talking bout public teenage assassins 



This is bullshit, I hope the companies come out with a new one that just tires u out because really that is what i want just to come down, i have faith they have a new brand to over come fucking babylon’s shit.. Don’t they know this shit keeps ppl like me away from the criminal eleement being able to keep my take homes which i doubt is going to happen since i have to go back smoking keeps mr calm, I do not want to take xanex or any other pill like that everyday when real and fake weed did the trick

such horse shit

the wedding..

I am supposed to be going to a wedding in Kinnakeet this Saturday, but because I have been so sick in the past few months I just can-not make it. Thing about it is this.. It’s my very best pal’s wedding and I know it’s gonna be a great time. I would really love to see all my friends again. I miss the living hell out of each and every one of them..  I love Baltimore and love being here, but I am a Kinnakeeter and this is a giant Kinnakeet event.. This is heart breaking I tell you. I am glad I am a writer because it is a way to release pent-up feelings

I hate drugs, I think this is a product of drug use.. ( my sickness ) I don’t know maybe not.. I do know one thing though it worries the most important ppl in my life .. I hate worrying the people I love, that is the biggest reason I went from addict without hope to a guy that is in the running to help the poor and addicted.. But I do know that it’s a sniff smoke swallow a pill away from the end 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

breaking out the wallet pictures

as you should have figured out I am a loner.. But I do go places , I love exploring while documenting with my camera.. So here are so of my places in Baltimore I go …  very rare do you see a cop protecting someone in these places, mostly they are arresting..

There will be explanations of where or what the hell the picture’s are . so lets get at it shall we..  

my favorite being to speak to ..Puppy.. she is scratching the hell outta herself in this picture

my favorite being to speak to ..Puppy.. she is scratching the hell outta herself in this picture

the hood

the hood

where i cross the tracks to get to Pops, some idiot started a fire with a chair.. fucking tards

where i cross the tracks to get to Pops, some idiot started a fire with a chair.. fucking tards



they are demo'ing the old #Seagrams building ...!! Been #abandoned for years ..

they are demo’ing the old Seagrams building …!! Been abandoned for years ..

the hoods cloths drive

the hoods cloths drive

now I am no graffiti artist.. sorry ” street artist.. I try to stay on the right side of the law , though I hate police with a passion, i also hate prison and do not care to go back.. anyway Graffiti is part of city life and that is what I am bringing to the public.. the darker side of the city a Baltimore .. But I also would like to show you the beauty of that side, and for you to see that side is more approachable then you think.. most just need a chance …

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history



last but not least Baltimore her-self

hiya piggy

hiya piggy

KODAK Digital Still Camera



letter to mother

Through the door I see u and god i feel like crying 

I know the disappointment ran deep 

deep as to love you have for me.

so much to pay for 

but you were punished too..

By my hands.

By my doings..

that my mother was the worst punishment 

they handed me


i handed it to me

.. i thought i was tired

tired of  life,

I am tired 

just tired of being 

some one who hurts you

and makes you cry when thinking of the


even though the past was great



so sorry

i pray 

and i have my faith

and now i have you 

my mother 

i love you 

and i will pray i never lose 

what we have, the love, trust, and having fun — everagain

— Apple dumpling 

urban sprawl brawl call it what ya want but it aint fing dull

I love to take pictures. I think that is a good thing since x cons should do constructive things. So i have gotten into it big time for what I have.. I like the whole urban photography and exploring thing 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I enjoy it because not only is it adventures but historic as well .. 

you think back and buildings / business’s such as this one ( secret location eastern seaboard )

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It can be a dangerous thing .. You could be arrested or hurt. But there are ways around that.. Don’t trespas and be don’t be a fool, doing foolish things.. I do not under any circumstances, try the police.. they suck, but the bitch’s will win.. It’s hard sometimes but you learn where and when to have a history lesson, and when to just do some URBAN SHOTS AND NOT A GUN.. I love cop hunting with a camera..

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn't real crime going on some place !

pig messing with a scooter dude.. like there isn’t real crime going on some place !

I grew up near a steel mill so I love those kinda buildings and I know how they build communities and are part of a city’s hostory.. And I love taking pictures / with a little adventure added in there never hurts ya dig ..!

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

not my graffiti .. hate it but its art and part of this buildings history

me adventuring

me adventuring

KODAK Digital Still Camera


You learn as you grow in wisdom that birthdays are for your mother not yourself.. A birthday you will forget some of them , w, but Mom will always remember your very first.. It was work and she went threw it.. Then for Ma it’s a life time a worrying..

will their birth be safe

” will he be okay in school ?”

“will his wife love him like she should ?”

While your in school all day Mom is thinking of you ..

I read a little something some place that reminded me of that right around my birthday, since i been free I have been trying to rebuild the relationship I tore down it’s something that had broke my heart since my brain cleared of the fog it was in.. and you know what she is alowing me to do that when i was sick she was there and gave me the advice and care I needed to get well.. I listened for once and was well ..

Then my birthday rolled around, I have been a loner latley and i dont mind at all i have done this to just stay away from any one that I can get myself get tangled up with in the wrong kind of way. So I wanted to be round Mommy and Aunt and I had a great day.. Best day I had since I was a kid.. We really had fun eating at Denny’s and looking at youtube and giggling it up !!!

Off to Wal-Mart to get some i pad ssecories.. We really bonded this week and I thank the lord Jah for that .. I want not to feel the guilt that I felt for years..

People dont forget when you do wrong Mom’s heart breaks….